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The Graduate Biomedical Careers Committee (BCC) was established in 2013 with the goals of increasing opportunities for and awareness about career development in diverse biomedical fields. We are dedicated to making our biomedical graduate/ postdoctoral program more comprehensive by integrating career exploration and skill development with our existing scientific training. The BCC is a student-run  organization and works actively with Yale biomedical Ph.D. students and the Yale administration to provide the most effective career resources that best suit the needs of budding scientists. We established the Yale Graduate Biomedical Career fair as a one-day opportunity for students to explore diverse career opportunities, learn from the experiences of graduate school alumni, and network with potential  employers.

2015 BCC:

2014 BCC:

Members of the Graduate Biomedical Careers Committee

Emily Cohen                       Jennifer Czochor

Allison Gilder                    Erin Heim

Timothy Johnstone          Dionna Kasper

Zoe Klein                             Elizabeth Mo

William Olds                      Elizabeth Schroeder

Xianglong Zhu                Daisy Xin

Priya Date                       Levi Smith

Kylia Goodner                Daniel Iwamoto