Students & Postdocs

Career Fair Panels

The Career Fair Panels are a great opportunity for younger students to learn about career opportunities ranging from industry research to scientific publishing to teaching. These panels feature BBS alumni who have already transitioned from Yale PhD to non-academic careers and are excited to share their experiences, lessons learned, and advise with you!

Registration will be posted as we approach the fair.

Corporate booths & networking events

For students or postdocs who already have some idea of what careers you might pursue, the Corporate Booths provide an opportunity for you to learn about experiences and opportunities at specific companies with a history of hiring Yale PhD students. Networking events will provide a less formal setting for you to speak with company representatives and panelists over food and drinks. Don’t miss this exciting chance for you to network with a potential future employer!

Lunch will be provided for all registered participants! Private panelist lunch registration for students/postdocs will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, and attendance limits will be strictly enforced. Additionally, due to high demand, only advanced-career students/postdocs will be allowed into the first hour of the corporate networking event. After this point, anyone can attend so long as we have space.